“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience”. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The single focal point of life at Org-Eco Village is to make humans and nature come together in a beautiful harmonious way. By adopting a sustainable and enriched community living within the village, Let us aim to attain the pace and peace of nature within our own lives.

Built on the principles of protecting the environment, eco-lifestyle and self-sustainability, Org-Eco Village offers its Eco-Home owners an opportunity to earn income and impact lives of people by developing and supporting various facilities in-built at the Org-Eco Farm for the programs that can be conducted at the farmland.

There are no limits or boundaries to the imaginative & creative world of natural living, but at all points of time we will protect the sanctity and core belief of this eco-village. Thereby, restricting any kind of activities that disturbs or damages the natural way of life of the flora, fauna and humans that reside here.

Experience the unique excitement and thrill  by hosting individuals and/or group of individuals to be part of the exclusive  journey by conducting any of the following activities at our Org-Eco Village and together help build the essence of human connection with nature through mind, body and soul.

Workshops ~ Our in-house facilities of a large community hall and 30 service apartments available on Rental basis will certainly make for a great opportunity for workshops that can be conducted on a daily or a residential basis for longer durations. We encourage experts, trainers, artists and teachers to come forth and share your knowledge across workshops in Art, Culinary Skills, Health & Wellness, Gastronomy, Culture, Literature, Music, Cinema and Education to name a few.

Wellness Retreats | Yoga | Meditation ~ We believe that the oneness of mind, body and soul form the foundation of a natural and eco-living system. Our doors are open for practitioners and gurus who would be keen to organize and conduct wellness retreats, yoga & meditation programs for their followers in our eco-village, amidst the peace and serenity of nature.

Therapy, Healing & Counseling Sessions ~ Many a times, therapists and healing practitioners are on a lookout for a perfect environment to help heal their patients & clients. With Org-Eco village, your search for this kind of setting comes to a beautiful end. We welcome you to come and explore the natural vibes of our eco-village, which surely will be instrumental in your practice and healing process of your clients.

Training Programs & Conferences ~ As work-life balance gains more importance across corporate lives of city dwellers, many large and small corporate organizations are championing training programs and conferences for their employees to help cope with work stress and find the balance. Our in-house stay facility of 30 service apartments, fully equipped kitchen and other amenities like the swimming pool, yoga center, amphi-ghat and organic farm can be just the right mix for your choice of venue to host your company’s outings.

Organic Farming & Interactive Cooking Sessions ~ At the heart of Org-Eco village lies our fully operational organic farm bestowed with blessings from mother nature. Food is the most important element of our overall health and wellbeing because ‘you are, what you eat’. And what’s better than eating fresh, organic produce straight out of the farm or even better, learn how to grow your own food for a healthier tomorrow by adapting to the concept of ‘farm to table’. We invite all organic farming and food enthusiasts as well as Permaculture practioners to visit us for a thorough understanding of how, from where and what your food comprises of and learn to cook in an interactive cooking session with our chef.

Day Picnics & Camping Getaways ~ With cities like Mumbai, Pune and Nashik slowly becoming concrete jungles, there are not many picnic spots or camping getaways within the city limits. As Org-Eco village is set at a good proximity to all these cities, it makes for a perfect spot for day picnics and camping getaways for school children, youngsters and elders alike to experience Tent stays, Trekking etc.  Just a short drive from any of the cities, can help you escape to a fun-filled day/night spent amidst mother nature.

Entertainment Programs ~ Org-Eco village proudly boasts of an exquisite amphitheater set on a river ghat – AMPHIGHAT, that brings tranquility to anyone who spends a few hours sitting there. We believe this unique place, can form a beautiful backdrop to many entertainment avenues in the fields of theater, art, painting, movie screenings, musical and dance performances and much more. We are happy to welcome artists and event planners to come join us in making people’s time at Org-Eco village, a time well-spent by hosting their performances here.

Artists’ Residency ~ Given the calm and serene environment, the Org-Eco village can help provide the perfect immersive experience and a ‘home away from home’ for artists – writers, painters, poets, musicians, photographers amongst others, to help them flourish their art.