“Plant seeds of happiness, hope, success, and love; it will all come back to you in abundance. This is the law of nature.” ~ Steve Maraboli


The foundation of Org-Eco village is based on the principles of balance and beauty. We strongly believe that like all elements of nature, the sun & the rain, the trees & the rivers, the mountains & the beaches, the humans and the animals, the essence of being alive is to ‘co-exist’.

Guided by this philosophy of co-existence, the entire project of Org-Eco village balances sustainability with technology creating an organic natural habitat equipped with luxuries of modern urban living.

Each aspect of the dwelling is carefully designed to ensure that while you drive away from the pace of the city into the peace of nature, you’re not taken away from the comforts and conveniences of your city home.

The entire land area boasts of 75% of an fully developed self-sustained organic farm while the balance 25% hosts our eco-homes and amenities that enrich community living.


  1. Petite Eco-Homes: Eighteen units with an approx. carpet area of 1500 sqft comprising of 3 Bedrooms, 1 Living & Dining area, Private Garden on two sides and a private Car Park.


  1. Grande Eco-Homes: Six units with an approx. carpet area of 3000 sqft comprising of 4 Bedrooms, 1 Living & Dining area, Private Garden on three sides and a private Car Park


  1. Thirty Service Apartments (approx 300 sqft each)


  1. Multi-Purpose Community Hall (approx. 5000 sqft)


  1. Yoga and Meditation Centre


  1. Community Dining Area


  1. Fully Equipped Community Kitchen, Restaurant & Cafeteria


  1. Swimming Pool


  1. An Exquisite Amphitheater set on the River Ghat


  1. Reception and Business Center


  1. Health Club and Gymnasium


  1. Traditional Games Area


  1. Nature Adventure Zone


  1. Children’s Swimming Pool and Play Area