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Demiurge Designs
303, Arotto House, P.K. Road, Mulund West, Mumbai - 80. Maharashtra
Architects, Interior Designers & Project Management Consultants

Founded in 2006, DEMIURGE DESIGNS has been conceptualized to offer expertise design solutions and project management consultancy services in spheres of Architecture, Interior Designing, Landscape designing and Project Management Consultancy.

Named after the Gnostic god who was credited with the creation of the world, Demiurge, believes in tempering the aesthetics and beauty of a good design with the thrift of realism.

As such, at dD, sustainable, contemporary, cultural, trendy or fusion designs are created, keeping in mind, the budget and needs of the clients. While maintaining an extremely sensitive approach towards the surrounding environment, the projects are bred to comply with the standard design practices, such as codes & norms set by the location authorities, regulatory bodies etc. In order to co-exist with the nature, sustainable and eco-friendly executions are a top-priority in our projects.

Also, having collaborated with experienced professionals we have been able to maintain strict deadlines and deliver quality service in terms of design, technology and management.
+91 9920887469
+91 9920887469
Flavor it up
Flavor it up, Opposite Bon Bon, JP Road, 7 bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai
Vegan Healthy Dessert Hummus

Flavor it up is a vegan dessert hummus company. Our dessert hummus is vegan, gluten-free and healthy. It is packed with fibre and full of proteins. It is a healthy alternative to sugar-laden, processed desserts. Currently, we have five dessert hummus variants - Chocolate, Mocha, Cookie Dough, Rum and Raisin Christmas Hummus and Crunchy Peanut Hummus.

Imagine Cafe
G-61, R Galleria, Runwal greens, mumbai 400078
Cafe at Mulund. Also sell cheese, chocolates and few sweets.

We make food that is good for you, good for the environment and so delicious! We are a 100% vegan cafe in Mumbai. We make all our cheeses, butters, mayo and cakes in house.
86, Temple Street, NGEF Layout, Sadanandanagar, Bengaluru-560038, INDIA
Vegan Indian percussion instruments such as Tablas and mridangams

Karunya Musicals, Bengaluru manufactures and markets S.R.I (synthetic Rhythm Indian) percussion instruments such as Tablas and Mridangams. They are vegan and eco-friendly. These instruments are made of fibreglass shells and synthetic drumheads. These instruments were created by Dr K. Varadarangan, musician, musicologidt and a scientist after about 5 years of research. These instruments are extremely rugged and weather resistant. They are currently being exported to about 16 countries.

LAVENZA was born out of the desire to combine Ayurveda inspired Natural, Safe, Effective Skincare with the modern age aesthetics. With the objective of of retaining the purity and very essence of beauty products.
All our products have been painstakingly formulated and all our raw materials diligently sourced to nurture your skin and help you be as radiant on the outside as you are with in. We abhor mass-produced chemical concoctions, including by well-meaning brands that rely largely on synthetic sources. We believe in the power of natural beauty that uses Herbs, Cold Pressed Unrefined Oils, Plant Butters and many many other botanical extracts.
In an age of mechanized convenience, we believe in rediscovering the joy of handcrafted beauty. We believe that natural skincare using Ayurveda can also look modern, beautiful and accessible to the current generation.

MAVIs CommBucha
B604, forest hills, sector 32. Seawoods, Navi Mumbai
Organic Products

Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Cereals, Flours, Lentils and Pulses, Spices, Herbs, Sweeteners, Oils, Dry Fruits and Nuts, Seeds

2232, 12th Main, Chandra Nagar, Kumaraswamy Layout
Nutrimake Meal Replacement Blend

We make meal replacement blends that offer complete nutrition, packed with every essential nutrient your body needs along with 25 vitamins and minerals, we offer a product that not only nourishes your body, but your mind too.
Uptrition Foods and Beverages Pvt. Ltd.
jn2/8/, a2, sector - 9, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Uptrition's 45

What is Uptrition's 45?
Uptrition’s 45 is a specially curated combination of 45 different plants, vegetables, leafy greens, roots, seeds, nuts and leaves, including powerful Superfoods. Uptrition’s 45 provides the users all the essential micronutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Uptrition’s 45 vastly increases variety in your daily diet which is required for a Healthy Balanced Meal.

Uptrition’s 45 is natural, vegan and vegetarian. Uptrition’s 45 has no chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial colours and no artificial flavours
It is Soy free and has no added sugar.

A new way to add nutrition to your daily diet.
Uptrition’s 45 is a new way to add nutrition to your daily diets. Uptrition's 45 is consumed by adding 5 gms or 1 teaspoon every day to any curry or dal, veg or non-veg preparation.

As Uptrition's 45 has NO TASTE and has NO MASALA it DOES NOT CHANGE THE TASTE OF YOUR FOOD but TOPS UP your daily meals with wholesome nutrition and VARIETY.

Benefits of adding Uptrition's 45 to your meal every day.
Easy to give wholesome and balanced nutrition to your entire family.
Improves overall wellness.
Reduces lethargy and tiredness.
Boost the immunity of your entire family.
Improves digestion and nutrient absorption.
Improves protein supplement absorption.
Enhances brain function and memory. Great for kids and youngsters.
Detoxifies the body and provides a daily dose of antioxidants and phyto-greens.
Helps with Diabetes.
Aids in weight loss
100%vegan and 100%plant based
100% natural and completely artificial colour, flavour, preservatives, starch and additives free.

Who should use Uptrition's 45 every day?
Professionals and office goers
Youngsters and school going children
Fitness enthusiasts
Young mothers

45 ingredients and superfoods that go inside Uptrition's 45
Ashwagandha, Amla, Moringa, Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Flax seeds, Wheat Grass, Chilli,Carrot,Tomato, Tamarind, Ginger, Beetroot, Onion, Garlic, Potato, Amchur, Curry leaves, Methi, Jamun, Jamun Beej, Krishna Tulsi, Walnut, Cashew, Green Pista, Almond, Mint, Coriander leaves, Spinach, Cabbage, Cucumber, Bitter Gourd, French Kidney Beans, Moth beans, Mung Beans, Chickpeas, Cowpea, Barley, Jowar, Bajra, Liquorice, Amaranth, Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Lotus Seeds

Serving size and price
Uptrition's 45 is available in 115 gm pack and is priced @175/- INR only. A single pack consists of 23 servings.